Do you have what it takes to be a viking?

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viking  shipOctober 9th is Leif Erikson Day! It’s a day to honor the Norse explorer who led the first Europeans to discover North America.


Think you can be a Viking? Only the strongest and fittest men between the ages of 15 and 50 became Vikings. The men had to be capable of rowing and able to fight bravely. Vikings fought many battles amongst themselves. Their sea battles consisted of each opposing flotilla tying their boats together and sailing towards one another head on. When the boats collided, they would fight until Continue reading “Do you have what it takes to be a viking?” »

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National Elephant Appreciation Day

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elephantSeptember 22nd is National Elephant Appreciation Day.  Go hug an elephant and let it know how much you appreciate it.


Elephants live in a highly organized social structure led by the oldest and largest female, the matriarch.  The herd usually has up to ten females and their young, all directly related to the matriarch.  Mature males are with the herd only during mating.  An infant elephant is cared for by its mother and other females (“aunties”) in the herd.

Elephant herds post their own sentries.  Whenever danger threatens, Continue reading “National Elephant Appreciation Day” »

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A Day to Kiss and Make Up Day

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August 25th is Kiss and Make Up Day!

One of the most famous feuds of Americana finally did kiss and make up after over a century of rivalry…

It started with a dispute between over the ownership of a pig and ended with a dozen people dead, seven more serving life sentences, a U.S. Supreme Court ruling and the governors of two states calling up the National Guard to restore order. For anyone not involved, it became a curiosity and joke. It was represented in Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn (“Grangerford” vs. “Shepherdson”) and O Henry’s Squaring the Circle (“Harkness” vs. “Folwell”). It’s even been parodied by Bugs Bunny and Red and Stimpy.

Some historians believe the bitter squabble actually started when Continue reading “A Day to Kiss and Make Up Day” »

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